Daily Update 11/26/27

Daily Update11/26

BOOM NEWS: Defi is really Coming!

Teach update / 技术每日更新 / 테크 최신 정보

  1. The #ICP on canister smart contracts upgrade has now gone LIVE on the network. Code on the #InternetComputer can now process tokenized value. — →Defi will be really available on IC.

Peoject Upate: 项目最新动态 / 프로젝트 최신 정보

1. Dsocial : Going to build DSocial iOS and Android app next week.

2. Dfinity Space Apes: Sneak Peek of P2E Game able to access.


1). THE opinion on the #PeopleParties NNS Proposal:

Daily Update11/27


Peoject Upate:

1. AstroX Official

Upgrade for canisters to transfer $ICP utility tokens…

2. DAB: New Release! Check out DAB's new site & lists UI

3 . CAP : CAP EXPLORER UI released

To celebrate CAP Crowns raffle opening, we released the CAP Explorer UI as well . A V1 of an UI where you can dive into the transaction data from NFTs/Tokens that integrate CAP and ones seeded by Plug!



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Lydia Lei

Lydia Lei

Blockchain VC, focus on Dfinity ecosystems Early stage investment.